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Tushita Meditation Center, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, 176200
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I was super looking forward to the city of Dharamshala precisely because I imagined it as the heart of Buddhism and my thoughts were completely filled with reality. The city of Dharamshala is the exile of many Tibetans who fled here from their native Tibet due to China oppression. Fortunately, Tibetans brought their delirious food and Tibetan Buddhism with them. The sanctity of the Tibetan temples that rise on the hilltops in the city of Dharamshala and nearby McLeod Ganj completely filled me. There is a circular walking route around the main Dalai Lama Temple, which is lined with prayer wheels. Here you can meet a number of red-robed monks who walk with a slow and deliberate step and hold prayer beads in their hands.

 If you really want to soak up the local calm and balanced atmosphere, I highly recommend meditation. I completed a morning meditation at the Tushita Meditation Center, which organizes morning meditations from 9-10 a.m. every day, except for Sundays, in face-to-face and online form, and only for a voluntary contribution to the donation box. To begin with, I must say that I am a complete beginner in meditation. The meditation was conducted in English and there were people from different parts of the world. In the hour-long lesson, I completed two meditations, each lasting 20 minutes. The first meditation was focused on the breath and awareness of the present. After a short break, a second guided meditation followed, when the lecturer spoke to us during the meditation and asked us various questions. The goal of the second meditation was not to answer the questions asked, but rather to observe how our body reacts to these questions and how I feel. I really enjoyed the whole process. I definitely highly recommend trying meditation in person, as being physically present in such a sacred place near temples in the presence of other people who have come here with the same intention as you is simply a powerful experience.

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