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Chungi, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, 176200
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If you are someone who likes to enjoy the beauty of sunset then Cafe sundowner sunset point is an ideal destination to witness the same. During your stay in Mcleodganj, you can visit the sunset point which is located apprioximately 7 kms away from the town. The sunset point is very special for its unique location as it provides a 180 view of the sunset betweem the rocky mountains along with a small cafe that will add more to the level of excitement and vigour if you are traveling in a group. In one hand you will have a camera to click pictures and on the other hand you can have a refreshing sip of hot tea to keep yourself warm and a combination of both is enough to make your journey to reach up to this point a successful one.

The cafe sundowner sunsetpoint can be reached by trekking through the deep forest routes surrounded by lush evergreen pine forests which rings with the natural sounds of chirping birds along with the splashing sounds of a nearby stream  The route is fairly easy for anyone to trek which makes sunset point easily accessible for everyone. 

But if you are planning for a visit to Mcleodganj then you must go to this sunset point as such sunset points are very rare in India and also in Himachal Pradesh which provides with natural beauty as well as a cafe where you can sit and enjoy the cozy atmosphere with your friends.


The best time to visit cafe sundowner point is during the months of March to June & from September to December.


  1. Ambitious Photographers
  2. Nature lovers
  3. Trekkers
  4. Coffee lovers
  5. Solo travelers
  6. Group travelers


  1. People with breathing problems
  2. People suffering from chornic medical issues.
  3. Young Children
  4. Senior Citizens


  1. Scenic beauty of the sunset from the cafe.
  2. Local cullinery delights
  3. Cozy ambience inside the cafe while viewing the sunset.
  4. Peaceful atmosphere with sweet chirping sounds of birds from nearby forests
  5. Clean and green surroundings with zero pollution.

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