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Mashobra, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171007
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The Carignano Nature Park is located in the town of Mashobra, which is 10 km away from Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. Tourists as well as locals, both visit this park to find solace in the lap of nature, far from the chaos of the city. Carignano Nature Park offers a wide variety of flora to observe promoting its presence and requirement in the ecosystem, enhancing the knowledge of the visitors. This tourist spot can be considered an absolute choice for a perfect getaway to spend time with your folks, relishing the views, insights, and serenity the location surprises with such as its Pine Retreat, and Academic Trail.

A suitable outing option for everyone, the nature park got something for all. It got a separate children's park with swings, so the kids can have a good time. The Academic Trail is another feature of this park, which is an 800m trail presenting information about various plants and natural wonders and their importance, such as the Medicinal plants section, Maple section, Conifer section, Fossil section, and more. The Carignano Park also got fountains and a tree house as attractions. The best time to visit the park can be during early opening hours to avoid crowds and have an utterly pleasant experience, especially from July to September when the greenery will be blooming gloriously.


  • Carignano Nature Park warmly welcomes visitors from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday to Sunday, after obtaining an entry ticket at a nominal charge from the ticket window. 
  • If you plan on doing a picnic, make sure to bring your own snacks, water, mats, etc., there is no availability of food or any other goods, whatsoever inside or near the premises.
  • Don't drink, smoke, or litter in the park, and maintain the purpose and vicinity of the area.
  • Follow the paths and nature trails provided, do not make new pathways otherwise, you will be lost.


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