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Naldehra is a picturesque hill station located at an elevation of 2044 m above sea level in the Himachal Pradesh that is regarded as a gateway for achieving solace and peace.From enjoying the sweet chirping of birds flying across the blue skies to purifying yourself with fresh and cool Himalayan breeze, Naldehra can help your body to rediscover a new path towards achieving salvation. The enthralling landscape of Naldehra makes it a worthwhile place to visit as it is dotted with plenty of dense pine and cedar trees. With summers knocking the doors, you can spend a week enjoying the pleasant and pristine atmosphere with zero pollution and dust. If you are an enthusiastic in photography, then it is an ideal destination to bring your cameras and take as many pictures as possible since Naldehra offers some panoramic views of the green mountains. 

Naldehra also attracts adventure seekers and golf enthusiast as this place is famous for its golf course which is regarded as the oldest & the most scenic in India and has been the focal point of attraction among thousands of tourists from across India to experience the beauty of playing this sport in the midst of lush green environments at a height of 2044 meters. Other than that, tourists can spend their stay by going out for horse-riding, hiking, camping etc which is a unique way to experience the area's natural beauty. 

What is the best time to visit Naldehra?

The best time to visit Naldehra is from May to September when the weather remains pleasant with temperatures ranging from 15 degrees Celsius to 28 degrees Celsius.

How to reach Naldehra?

From Shimla you can rent a private car or a local taxi to reach Naldehra If you are planning to travel all the way from Delhi then you can travel by train till Kalka and take a HPSTC bus to Shimla and thereafter hire a car for Naldhera upon reaching Shimla.

Who should visit Naldehra?

1.     Nature lovers

2.     Photography enthusiasts

3.     Picnickers

4.     Adventurer seekers

5.     Solo travellers

6.     Group travellers


Who should not visit Naldehra?

1.     People with altitude sickness.

2.     People with respiratory/cardiological problems

3.     People willing to enjoy nightlife

4.     People thinking of throwing parties that makes others inconvenient.

What to do at Naldehra?

1.     Golfing

2.     River rafting

3.     Zip lining

4.     Photography

5.     Trekking

6.     Camping

7.     Horse riding.


What are the places to visit near Naldehra?

1.     Naldehra Golf Course

2.     Mahunag Temple

3.     Shaily Peak

4.     Tattapani

What is the climate there?

1.     Summers- Summer in Naldehra is pleasant which begins from April till June with temperatures hovering between 17 to 29 degrees Celsius. In fact, summer is considered to be the best time to visit Naldehra as one can enjoy panoramic view of the mountains clearly without cloudy skies. 

2.     Monsoon- The monsoon season begins from July onwards and lasts till September. But monsoon season makes the place look both vibrant as well as dangerous because monsoon showers make Naldehra a perfect paradise for tourists to enjoy the lush green environments but on the flipside heavy rains can lead to blockage of roads due to landslides 

Winters- The winter season kicks off from late October and continues till second week of February when Naldehra gets covered with thick layer of snow. Temperatures can fall to as low as -4 degrees Celsius and if you are someone who gets easily attracted by the fascinating snowy charm, then you must visit Naldehra

What should be carried?

1.     Sunscreen

2.     Medicines

3.     Warm clothes

4.     Sunglasses

5.     Hats

6.     Camera

7.     Drones

Where to stay?

There are plenty of hotels/resorts/homestays in Naldehra which you can choose as per budget and wants.  You can either book it online or you can book your hotels directly from Naldehra.

What to eat at Naldehra?

At Naldehra you will get a wide variety of restaurants/dhabas selling Indian, continental, Chinese, Italian dish along with local cuisines of Himachal Pradesh which includes Siddu, Babri, Kullu Trout Fish, Maggi, Momos, Chowmein, Pizzas etc.

When are the shops closed?

The local shops in and around Naldehra closes by 9 PM

What are the special events and festivals hosted?

1.     Lohri

2.     Sipi Fair

3.     Dusshera

4.     Baishakhi.

How much cash should I carry?

It is advised to carry at least Rs 3000- Rs 7000 for a trip to Naldehra

What is expensive and cheap in Naldehra?

In Naldehra, the food items from local dhabas are relatively cheaper as compared to restaurants. Also, the rate of accommodation can vary as per tourist inflow, but luxury accommodations are expensive in Naldehra.

How to hire or rent a vehicle?

You can visit the nearest tourist agency or to a local taxi dealer who can provide you with the details of rent/hiring a vehicle.

How to drive & condition of road?

The conditions of the road are fit for drivers to drive their vehicles. However, during monsoons and winters, the roads can get damaged or slippery which can lead to accidents if not driven with care.

Where to park the cars?

Parking spots are provided to tourists who are bringing their private vehicles or on rent.

What are the problems that tourists can face?

1.     Freezing cold during winters

2.     Respiratory problems

3.     Road blocks due to landslide

4.     Lack of ATM / gas stations

5.     Mobile network problems during adverse weather.

What are the safety measures to be taken?

1.     Carry warm clothes

2.     Have adequate medicines

3.     Have enough cash

4.     Keep your hotel receipt safe

5.     Have all the required documents in hand for verification.

What no to do?

1.     Littering

2.     Pollution

3.     Playing music in high volume

4.     Taking risk without knowing the consequences of a river rafting

5.     Smoking and drinking

6.     Venturing out in the forest at Night.

How many days will be enough for sightseeing?

For sightseeing, tourists should at least have 2-3 days in hand to explore the place to the fullest.

What is the best way for sightseeing?

The best way for sightseeing is to go for a small trek to explore the hidden wonders of Naldehra. In case the sightseeing spots are far away, then a local taxi can be hired to visit those places.

Where is the nearest Tourist Information Centre?

Tourist information centre in Victory Tunnel, District Shimla (H.P.) Pin-171003

Which are the nearest Hospitals?

1.     DeenDayal Upadhayay Zonal Hospital

2.     Tenzin Hospital

3.     Shree Ram Hospital

Which is the nearest Police Station?

I.S.O Police station, SH-5, Dhalli, Shimla, Bhawana, Himachal Pradesh 171012

Who to contact if you are in trouble?

You can reach out to the local people/ hotel manager/ tour operator/ nearest police station





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