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SH13, Rihana, Theogi, Karsog, Himachal Pradesh, 175009
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Tattapani hot water spring is a well know waterspring which is located on the banks of River Sutlej in Mandi District. This hot spring is definately going to give you the lifetime experience of enjoying a steaming bath under the clear skies in the middle of nature. 

When it comes to the healing properties, The hot water springs at Tattapani are rich in sulfur and other mineral and dipping in these natural geothermal waters can help alleviate joint pains, muscle aches, and skin conditions which provides a natural remedy for various ailments.

Although the hot spring is visited for the sake of extracting the benefit of getting healed up, the natural surroundings is something that makes it a worthwhile place to explore. Amidst the lush green hills and alongside the serene Sutlej River, Tattapani offers breathtaking views and a peaceful environment that makes it a perfect getaway for those looking to ceconnect with nature and heave a sigh of relief from the stressful environments.

How to reach

Delhi > Chandigarh > Shimla > Naldehra >Soni > Tattapani

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Tattapani hot water spring is during the months from November to February when the water levels are fit for taking dips. 

Who should visit

  1. Nature lovers
  2. Bird watchers
  3. Peace seekers
  4. People who are willing to destress themselves
  5. Group travelers

Who should not visit

  1. Those who are in search of luxury and night life
  2. Non swimmers
  3. People with open wounds
  4. People suffering from altitude sickness
  5. People who are prone to breathing issues

Nearby accomodations

There are plenty of nearby accomodation around Tattapani hot water spring and if you wish to spend a night here, then you can book your homestays/hotel as per the budget requirements.

Festivals/events in Tattapani

Tattapani hot water spring is frequented by tourists during important festivals which are observed with full vigour and enthusiasm some of which are as follows-

  1. Makar sakranti
  2. Lohri
  3. Sazo Festival
  4. Shiv Ratri
  5. Holi

Things to do

  1. Relaxing and rejuvenating in the natural hot water springs of Tattapani
  2. River Rafting on the Sutlej River
  3. Visiting the Shiva Cave which provides a serene environment for meditation and reflection
  4. Going for a trek to Shalli Tibba that will make you enthralled with the stunning panoramic views of the Himalayas and the surrounding valleys.
  5. Visit Mahunag Temple that ofters peaceful retreat for worship and reflection in the middle of nature


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