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The hill station of Shimla, also known as the 'Queen of Hills' famous for its rich history, and breathtaking natural vistas of snow, wildlife, and green valleys, attracts an abundance of tourists every year to explore this beautiful land. But another thing infamous is the scams that take place in Shimla, leaving tourists with unpleasant experiences such as:

Hotel Booking Scam in Shimla -

Make sure to ask about geysers and heater inclusivity in the package or if any extra fee is required, also in some hotels fans and ACs aren't provided due to cold weather in the city, thus if you are planning to visit in summer make sure to ask about this too. Parking is another issue in Shimla, so confirm with the hotelier if the parking facility is available and included or not. Ask for the exact details such as location and landmark from the hotel.  

Hotel Check in and check out time-

If you arrive in Shimla early in the morning and wish to check in early, they may ask you to pay extra. Therefore, it is advisable to call ahead and confirm your check-in date and time. Additionally, many travelers prefer checking out in the evening, around 8 PM. In such cases, you may be required to pay extra, so inquire about the best deal you can get from the hotel.

Hotel Fares, View, and Location Scam -

Online hotel booking show fantastic view of the hill station from your room it can be turn out to be fake. Make sure to check the exact location of your hotel and what is nearby with an analysis of its reviews. Always ask the landmark so you can calculate the distance. Online Price is higher then direct booking. 

Hotels Online Discount in Shimla-

Online hotel bookings may display numerous discounts, but be cautious of hidden charges or limited amenities or far location. Consider booking directly with the hotel to secure better discounts and additional amenities.


Taxi booking scam in Shimla-

When you book a taxi for sightseeing, ask for a written list of all the places you'll visit, how much time is allowed at each stop, and if there are any extra charges like parking fees. When coming from Bus or Rail Don't get out of the taxi until see your hotel. Ask your hotel for price comparison. 

Shopping Scam-

Shopkeepers and vendors sell goods expensively, stating them to be imported, handmade, or with rare or exclusive availability such as animal fur/wool shawls, blankets and clothes, pashmina shawls, or handicrafts and food items such as dry fruits, herbs etc. This is all Fake, Buy from Goverment Shops only. This can especially happen in Mall Road one of the famous tourist attractions of Shimla if you suspect the prices are high do bargain or refrain from shopping there instead you can visit other local markets for ex: the market of Solan which is 50 km before Shimla to buy these same goods at an affordable price.

Parking Scam in Shimla -

Public parking might charge you a higher fee, so make sure to ask them to show you the price list provided by the government and get your parking receipt with the price mentioned. Ask your hotel and let them know about your parking needs and if any charges are required or not.

Adventure Activities Scam -

Before paying for any activity make sure to know about all the details of it such as activities included, duration, costume inclusive, etc. If you are willing to buy any adventure or snow activity package, learn about it carefully, or perform the activities individually rather than in a package. 

Food Scam -

Very few sell local dried fruits, so be cautious. Most of them come from Delhi and other areas. Near adventure sites, sellers offering packaged food with MRP may charge extra. Always check the price before purchasing from the street. Alcohol is more expensive than in other states, and you might need to pay extra on top of the MRP.

Horse/Mule Ride Scam - 

The local vendors will try to scam you via Mule or Horse ride by telling you the trails are muddy or wet and not allowed for people to walk and go, thus deliberately convincing you to take such rides.

Scam by Photographers -

 While clicking pictures via a local photographer they won't tell the exact price and number of pictures included clearly, and after clicking numerous pictures and printing them will ask you for a higher fee, deny or create any lie and ask for more money.


  • Bargaining is a must here, in whatever you do be it accommodation, buying, or sightseeing, if you feel the prices are unfair or higher, do bargain. Ask around different people and service providers to see the change in price variations and also to be aware of the actual situation.
  • Try to not get fooled by faulty/ rotten/fake products/services, if you feel fishy or don't have a surety while making a purchase better to back off than following the fear of missing out.
  • Keep your gadgets, jewelry, wallet, or any other important stuff well hidden, and be careful about your surroundings as there are bigger crowds and traffic in Shimla.


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