Paragliding near Kurseong, Chisopani

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Chisopani Rohini, Kurseong Subdivision, Darjeeling District, Kurseong, West Bengal, 734203
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Chisopani Paragliding Highlights

Chisopani, Rohini, near Darjeeling More, Himachal Pradesh.

Getting There:
Start from Darjeeling More, take the left path at the fork towards Rohini, pass Simulbari, and turn right at Rohini Gate.

Key Points:
Follow the right path towards Chisopani at the final fork.

Weather Check:
Ensure to check weather conditions before visiting, as paragliding is weather-dependent.

Designated bike parking area near a turning point, providing convenient access to the site.

Trek to Site:
Short trek from the parking area to the paragliding site, with a manageable but slightly rough path.

Paragliding Cost:
Approx. ₹3,000 per person, offering an affordable adventure experience.

Booking Tip:
Call ahead to confirm weather conditions for paragliding to avoid disappointment.

Thrilling paragliding with panoramic views, combining adventure with serene natural beauty.

Scenic Views:
Stunning views of lush valleys and rugged terrain, providing ample photo opportunities.

Perfect for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers looking for a unique and exhilarating experience.

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