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One Tree Hill Point, Road to Borgaon, Wagheshwar, Bhagatwadi, Raigad District, Khalapur, Maharashtra, 410102
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One Tree Hill Trek- A trekking experience to remember

The One Tree Hill Trek in Maharashtra is a captivating trekking expedtions that will take you through the lush landscapes of the Western Ghats. this trek is renowned for its unique landmark—an isolated tree standing tall on a hill, offering an unparalleled trekking experience. This trek is perfect for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers looking to explore the scenic beauty and tranquility of the region.

The One Tree Hill Trek is approximately 3 kilometers long that starts from from Ambewadi Village. The trail is moderately challenging, winding through dense forests, rocky terrains, and narrow pathways. As you ascend, you will be greeted by stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys, making every step of the journey worthwhile. Thsi trek is not only popular for its exciting adventure, but it also provides insight into its various flora and fauna that co exists throughout the trail

So if you are someone who is looking to go for a trekking expedition with family and kids, then you must-visit try this out for fulfilling this trekking experience that will leave you captivated by the charm of the Western Ghats

Key Highlights

Region Karjat
Grade Easy
Base Village Ambewadi
Landmark Morbe Dam
Number of Routes 1
Highest Altitude 2625 Feet (800m)
Trek Duration 3 hours ascend, 2 hours walk
Surrounding Peaks One Tree Hill, Sondai
Ideal Season June to September


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