Kalavantin-Prabalgad Trek

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Prabalgad Fort, Irshalgad to prabalgad, Taluka, Raigad District, Khalapur, Maharashtra, 410102
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The Kalavantin-Prabalgad trek is one of the thrilling treks where you can embark on a journey through history and natural beauty with the Kalavantin-Prabalgad Trek in Maharashtra. This trek is renowned for its steep climbs, panoramic vistas, and the ancient fortresses of Kalavantin and Prabalgad, offering a challenging yet rewarding experience for trekkers.

Starting from the village Thakurwadi, the trail splits towards the two forts: Kalavantin and Prabalgad. The ascent to Kalavantin Fort involves climbing narrow steps carved into the steep rock face, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding Sahyadri mountains and the lush green valleys below. The trek to Prabalgad Fort, though challenging, rewards trekkers with ancient ruins, panoramic views of Matheran and Panvel, and a glimpse into Maharashtra's rich historical heritage.

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Details Description
Grade Moderate
Region Panvel
Base Village Thakurwadi
Landmark Panvel
Number of Routes North Ascend, Poinj Route, Waghachi Nali
Highest Altitude 2,300 Feet (700m)
Trek Duration 4 hours ascend, 3 hours descend
Surrounding Peaks Irshalgad, Matheran
Ideal Season June to February (Monsoon months are good weather-wise and Winter months for clear views)

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