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Near Fish Market, Arambol, Goa, 403519
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🌿 Divine Retreats Naturopathy Center Grand Launch in Arambol, Goa

Greetings to all wellness seekers and nature enthusiasts! We are thrilled to introduce a revolutionary experience in holistic well-being at the grand launch of "Divine Retreats" Naturopathy Center in the serene paradise of Arambol, Goa, on November 5th, Sunday.

🌺 Experience the Essence of Nature Therapy: Relaxing, Meditative & Healing Mud Bath

Embark on a journey towards rejuvenation and harmony as we present a unique blend of Naturopathy and Mental Relaxation through our exclusive Mud Bath Nature Therapy. This one-of-a-kind experience guarantees a mind, body, and soul therapeutic session that is both refreshing and healing.

Salient Features of our Mud Bath Nature Therapy:

Mud Bath Pool & Packs:
Immerse yourself in public mud pools filled with high-quality organic mud, offering refreshing and therapeutic properties.
Experience the healing touch of medicated and treated mud packs applied by our dedicated and qualified therapists.

🌱 Organic Products:
Indulge in the goodness of high-quality organic products to enhance the therapeutic benefits of the mud therapy.

🚿 Scrubbing & Shower:
Enjoy a soothing scrubbing session followed by a rejuvenating shower to cleanse and invigorate your senses.

☕ Herbal Tea & Refreshment:
Delight in herbal tea and refreshing beverages to complement your wellness journey.

👘 Disposable Costume Kit:
Avail a disposable costume kit including a towel, cap, and costume for your convenience.

🌳 Natural Ambience:
Immerse yourself in a scenic and natural ambiance, surrounded by the beauty of Goa's landscapes.

⏰ Timings:
Sessions start at 10 am with the last entry at 3 pm.
Duration: 2 hours (flexible within the time frame).
Open 7 days a week for your convenience.

🏡 Stay Option:
Exclusive stay options available in Mud Houses with prior bookings starting from December onwards.

📸 Calling All Bloggers:
Bloggers are warmly welcomed to collaborate and cover our space. Share the magic of Divine Retreats with your audience.

✨ Connect with Us:
Explore registration procedures, guidelines, and rules on our informative flyer.
Join us in this transformative journey and connect with our dedicated team.
Let the healing touch of Mother Earth guide you towards a state of blissful well-being. Divine Retreats - where nature meets therapy for a truly divine experience! 🌿✨

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