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Kaza-Grampoo Road, Lahaul Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, 175140
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Kunzum pass is one of the most beautiful destination that you can plan to visit during your vacation in Himachal Pradesh. Nestled at an elevation of 4551 m above sea level with snow available throughout the year, this pass serves as an entrace pass from Lahaul to Spiti Valley and a drive along the pass will gift with some of the breathtaking views of the snowy mountains which is bound to keep you enthralled and excited throughout the Journey.

The roads with sharp hairpin turns are quite treacherous and challenging for tourists to travel but the awe inspiring sight from the car is bound to replace fear with a dose of enthusiasm and vigour. For tourists and bikers who are outgoing and adventurous in nature, for them the Kunzum Pass is an ideal destination to extract the much needed salvation and joy.

Kunzum Pass is very popular among the locals as well for the ancient Kunzum Mata temple that stands tall by braving against the forces of nature where both tourists and local driver seek the blessings of Goddess Kunzum to ensure that their journey from Lahaul to Spiti valley via the Kunzum Pass goes safely without any danger.  However the Kunzum Pass has plenty of hidden and alluring wonders and a ride along the pass will be a lifetine opportunity for tourists who are planning to drive along the pass to reach Lahaul or Spiti Valley.

Places to visit nearby

  •   .  Kunzum Mata temple
  •      Tabo Monastry
  •      Chandratal Lake
  •      Pin Valley National Park
  •      Kibber

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Kunzum Pass is from June to September.

Who can visit?

  • Bikers
  • Group travelers
  • Trekking enthusiasts
  • Snow lovers

Who cannot visit?

  • People with altitude sickness.
  • People with respiratory issues
  • Pregnent women
  • Physically diasbled people


Things to remember

  •          To visit Kunzam Pass, Indian tourists are required to have an inner line Permit (ILP) while foreign visitors are required to obtin a Protected Area Permit (PAP) to get access. The permits can be issued by the  District Magistrate's office in Manali or Shimla.

  •           Carry valid identity cards. Documents and driving license for the purpose of verification by the administration

  •         The weather in and around Kunzam Pass is unpredictable, so it is adviced to check the weather parameters before leaving.

  •         People with breathing problems must carry an oxygen canister which are available in all pharmacies.

  •         Carry adequate warm clothes as the temperatures remains close to the freezing point throughout the year.

      ·   Have the required medicines and dry food as there might notbe any shops from where you can buy them

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