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Kufri, Shimla district, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171012
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Kufri is a small hill station located in the 'Queen of Hills', Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, at a distance of 14 km from the city. Kufri is popular for its unspoiled location, pleasant climate, and the serenity of its flora and fauna. It serves as a heavenly paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The town is focused amidst heavy green valleys, forests, and hovering mountains, offering a peaceful atmosphere. The name, Kufri is derived from the local word 'Kufr' which means 'Lake'.

One of the main reasons which attracts tourists to Kufri is its snowy winter sports and blooming nature sightseeing. The Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri shelters various species of native wildlife including rare and endangered animals such as the musk deer, Himalayan monal, and snow leopards. Visitors can enjoy a stroll in this park while observing diverse species of nature around. The town also provides tourists and visitors with various recreational activities like horse riding, go-karting, skiing, or even a picnic in lush green fields. The landscapes of Kufri are also a sight to vouch for, with several viewpoints in the town, one can have a panoramic view of these landscapes, capturing them from various angles.

Kufri altogether is a charming destination, away from the cacophony of the bustling cities. Having attributes of peace and fun with its alluring environment and outdoor activities it should be a must-visit in every traveler's bucket list.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Kufri is in summer from April to June and in winter from December to February.

How to reach Kufri?

Option 1 - Delhi > Panipat > Karnal > Kurukshetra > Ambala > Zirakpur > Panchkula > Pinjore > Kalka > Solan > Shimla > Kufri

Option 2 - Chandigarh > Pinjore > Kalka > Solan > Shimla > Kufri

Option 3 - Dehradun > Selakui > Paonta Sahib > Nahan > Solan > Shimla > Kufri

Option 4 - Helicopter Ride Chandigarh > Shimla Heli Taxi Service > Kufri

Option 5 - Kalka Shimla Toy Train > Kufri 

How to checklist the journey to Kufri?

Once reaching Shimla through any means of transport, you can hire a cab or taxi or can board a local bus to reach Kufri which is located at a 14 km distance from Shimla.

Who should visit Kufri?

  • Looking for short vacation trips
  • Adventure sports enthusiasts
  • Nature and wildlife admirers 
  • Solo travelers
  • Desiring luxury homestays at cottages and resorts
  • Photographers
  • Chionophiles or people who love snow and winters
  • Escaping from the hustle and bustle of city life

Who should not visit Kufri?

  • Have respiratory sickness
  • Intolerant to cold temperatures
  • Can’t endure much rain or snowfall
  • Not interested in adventurous activities 
  • People who can't walk much
  • Looking for a vibrant nightlife

What to do in Kufri?

  • Adventure Sports and Outdoor Activities such as Hiking, Horse Riding, Skiing, Rafting, etc.
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot 
  • Photography 
  • Embrace the views of Sunrise, snowfall, snow-capped mountains, and more.
  • Enjoy the toy train ride
  • Explore the city of Shimla
  • Observe nature and the wildlife around
  • Have a fun-filled short trip

What are the places to visit in Kufri  (5 km)? 

  • Himalayan Nature Park
  • Mahasu Peak 
  • Indira Tourist Park
  • Green Valley
  • Kufri Fun World
  • Kufri Adventure Park 
  • Apple Point
  • Nag Temple
  • Nagsons Amusement Park
  • Snow Point 

What is the climate in Kufri?

Summers in Kufri are warm with temperature fluctuations around 12°C and 17°C and sometimes reach higher. The weather is pleasant and enjoyable, allowing you to explore the outdoors of Kufri in bright sunshine with warm days and a bit chilly nights. In monsoon, Kufri is surrounded by mist and fog with a ranging temperature between 10°C and 20°C and a view of mountains and greenery all around with clouds feeling like floating above. The winters here are extremely cold and harsh with sometimes negative temperatures, ranging from -3°C and 15°C, witnessing snowfall-covered frosting areas, better for performing all the winter sports and adventure activities.

What kind of mobile network is available?

All kinds of mobile networks are available.

What should I carry with me while visiting?

  • Necessary or prescribed medicines.
  • Essentials such as sunglasses, sunscreen, sanitizer, disposable gloves, and towels.
  • Woolen clothes if visiting in winter.
  • Cotton clothes and a few pair of warm clothes for the night if visiting in summer.
  • Have cash in hand as there are very few ATMs available.
  • Power banks for charging electronic items or gadgets immediately.
  • A pair of comfortable shoes/boots to walk or need to walk in the snow.
  • Drones, DSLRs, and such gadgets if you wish to capture or create any content in the form of pictures, videos, short films, etc.
  • Binoculars to have a closer look at the wildlife.

Where to stay?

There are numerous hotels, homestays, cottages, and resorts available in Kufri to stay. According to your requirements such as budget, facilities, duration, etc., you can book any of them.

What to eat in Kufri?

Among the variety of foods with many restaurants and cafes situated in Kufri, one must try local dishes such as Sabz Chana, Besan Chilla, Aloo Khatta, etc. 

What to shop and buy at Kufri?

You can shop for various items and souvenirs for you and your loved ones to take back home such as handicrafts, woolen shawls, pahadi hats, footwear, decorative items, etc., from Kufri Zoo Market, Kufri's Mall Road, and more.

When is the market closed?

The markets here close between 8:00 PM-9:00 PM. If you wish on buying food or dining out, even the eateries close between 9:00 PM-10:00 PM, so plan accordingly.

What are the special events or festivals hosted?

  • Winter Sports Festival
  • National Snow Statue Competition 

What is expensive and cheap in Kufri?

Trying an adventure sport or activity can be a bit expensive.

How much cash should I carry?

You can carry 2000 Rs - 2500 Rs per person, which will be sufficient.

How to hire or rent a cab/horse/yak?

You can hire or rent any of the vehicles or transport modes through local agencies. For a horse or yak ride you can connect with a local vendor who provides such a service.

How to drive and the condition of the road?

You can have a safe drive with the road being smooth and in good condition but can face intense traffic jams. The caution is to drive carefully during rain or snowfall due to the roads becoming slippery, wet, and muddy.

Where to park the vehicle?

You can park your vehicle at the paid parking spots available which can have varied charges.

What are the problems tourists may face?

  • Cold weather temperatures
  • Network Issues
  • Slippery roads
  • Roadblocks due to heavy snowfall
  • Parking issues and traffic jams
  • Overly populated tourists
  • Lack of accommodation 
  • Rare availability of ATMs

What are the safety measures to be taken?

  • Carry your medicines and all the necessary essentials.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Keep your gadgets such as phones, earphones, etc., safe while going for any adventure sport.
  • Carry warm and woolen clothes as the weather can turn extremely cold.
  • Stay attentive and open-eyed to your surroundings, ex; being careful while charged for local stuff and services such as shopping items or taxi fares.
  • Make prior bookings for accommodation, if possible, especially in peak tourism season.

What not to do?

  • Don't litter and pollute the area.
  • Don't drive rashly and follow the traffic rules.
  • Don't make any kind of noise pollution through loud noises and music.
  • Don't smoke or consume alcohol, it can affect your health while doing any adventure sports.
  • Don't walk fast or run on the roads or snow-filled paths.
  • Don't destroy or harm the flora and fauna present here.
  • Don't disrespect the local's beliefs and regional properties.
How many days will be enough for sightseeing?

At best it's enough to have two days decided to explore Kufri, this much time will help you have a planned itinerary according to your preferences and factors such as weather, leisure, budget, etc.

What is the best way for sightseeing?

The best way one can use to roam around Kufri is by walking. Though transportation isn't much of a problem here as you get local buses at fixed intervals of time, cabs and taxis are available too if you want to visit distant places. The suitable time to explore this hill station can be mornings or daytime to have a wonderful experience.

Where is the Tourist Information Office? 

HP Tourist Information Office, Ridge, The Mall, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171001

Which are the nearest Hospitals?
  • Kufri Government Hospital
  • Primary Health Centre 
  • IGMC New Hospital
  • Deendyal Upadhyay Zonal Hospital
  • Kamla Nehru Hospital 

Which is the nearest police station?

I.S.O. Police Station, Dhalli, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh 171012

Who to contact if you are in trouble?

You can contact the nearest police station, or your hotel manager, or even can get help from local people.


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