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Panjol, Fagu, Shimla District, Theog, Himachal Pradesh, 171209
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Green Valley- A natural retreat from Shimla

Spending time with nature is something that tourists nowadays perfer to enjoy the most in order to take a interim relief from the clutches of pollution and overcrowding. While Shimla has plenty of wonders that one can explore to know the place from the core of the heart, there is one such place that nature lovers should visit which will make their travel dreams come true

Green valley is a picturesque valley located `14 km fro the bustling town of Shimla which promises an unforgettable experience for travelers visitng there. From lush green landscape to the majestic beauty of the mighty himalayas in the background, green valley is all about how one can soak themselves with the priceless value of green like never before

The whole place is surrounded by towering pine and deodar forests which greets visitors with the pleasant chriping sounds of singing birds. The valley demonstrates her beauty with undulating meadows that change their hues with the seasons with reathtaking canvas of greens, golds, and whites. Streams gurgle down rocky slopes that adding a melodic backdrop to the symphony of sights and sounds that define this untouched sanctuary. From photographers, to picnikers, this valley Green Valley is not merely a destination; it’s an invitation to immerse oneself in the timeless rhythms of nature, 

Best time to visit

The months from February to April and from July to October is the best time to visit when the fresh bloom of the forest makes it look very alluring with lush-greenery and natural vegetation.


6am-6pm (all day)

Entry fee

Free for all

Nearest town

Shimla (14 kms)


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