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Kibber Gompa, Kibber, Lahaul and Spiti District, Spiti, Himachal Pradesh, 172114
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Kibber is an offbeat and idyllic village located in one of the remotest pocket of Himachal Pradesh in Spiti Village. Perched at an elevation of 4,270 m it has bagged the title of being one of the highest motorable village in the World. 

For tourists, Kibber is a place worth visiting for its holistic atmosphere that it preserves. From scenic mountains  to ancient buddhist monasteries and deep valleys, a visit to Kibber should holds significant interest among tourists who are planning for a vacation in the Himalayan State.

The village is also known for its vibrant culture and warm hospitality. The local monastery, Kibber Monastery, is a spiritual haven that offers insight into Tibetan Buddhism and is a peaceful place for meditation and reflection. For those who love adventure, Kibber serves as a base for several trekking routes, including the popular trek to Tso Moriri Lake in Ladakh. The treks offer stunning vistas and a chance to experience the raw beauty of the Himalayan wilderness.

As a whole Kibber is a perfect destination for those looking to immerse themselves in the serene beauty and rich culture of the Himalayas. Whether you're a nature lover, an adventure enthusiast, or a spiritual seeker, Kibber has something to offer for everyone which shall prove to be a memorable journey throughout your life.

Best Time to Visit:

  • Spring (March to May): Mild and pleasant weather, ideal for sightseeing and trekking.
  • Summer (June to August): Warm temperatures, perfect for exploring the local flora and fauna. No snow during this season.
  • Autumn (September to November): Cool and comfortable weather, great for outdoor activities.
  • Winter (December to February): Harsh and extremely cold, often snow-covered, making travel challenging.

How to Reach:

  • By Road: Accessible by road from Manali via the Rohtang Pass and Kunzum Pass. The journey offers breathtaking views but requires careful driving.
  • Public Bus: Buses from Manali and Kaza operate during the summer months.
  • Taxi/Shared Taxi: Available from nearby towns like Kaza, providing a convenient option.
  • Trekking: No trekking is required to reach Kibber as it is accessible by road.

Visitor Suitability:

  • Who Should Visit: Ideal for weekend getaways, nature enthusiasts, and those interested in high-altitude village life.
  • Who Should Not Visit: Not suitable for those seeking luxury accommodations, large crowds, or vibrant nightlife.


  • Accommodation: Generally affordable with options ranging from homestays to guest houses.
  • Food: Reasonably priced local cuisine is available, with limited dining options.


  • Nearby Activities: Explore the Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary, visit the ancient monastery, and enjoy scenic hikes.


  • Foreigners: Require an Inner Line Permit to visit Kibber.
  • Indians: No special permits required.

Places to Visit Nearby:

  • Kibber Wildlife Sanctuary: A sanctuary home to the snow leopard and other high-altitude wildlife.
  • Key Monastery: Located within 3 km, a prominent Tibetan Buddhist monastery.

Packing Essentials:

  • What to Carry: Water, warm clothes, good shoes, basic food supplies, necessary permits, and personal identification.


  • Options: Homestays and guest houses are available, providing a local experience.

Road Conditions and Driving:

  • Road Conditions: Can be challenging with potential for landslides. A sturdy vehicle is recommended.
  • Driving Tips: Exercise caution, particularly during monsoon and winter seasons.

Potential Issues:

  • Common Problems: Lack of nearby ATMs, limited petrol pumps, potential altitude sickness, and limited medical facilities.

Transport Rentals:

  • Rentals: No vehicle rentals available in Kibber.

Festivals and Events:

  • Local Festivals: The Losar Festival, marking the Tibetan New Year, is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Local Cuisine:

  • Food Availability: Local Himachali dishes and Tibetan cuisine are commonly available. Limited options for other cuisines.


  • Local Products: Handmade woolen garments, local handicrafts, and Tibetan souvenirs.

Cash and ATMs:

  • ATM Availability: Limited ATMs, carry sufficient cash. Card payments are generally not accepted.

Sightseeing Duration:

  • Recommended Duration: 2-3 days to explore Kibber and its surroundings.

Safety and Precautions:

  • Safety Measures: Carry warm clothes, good shoes, sunglasses, necessary medications, and sufficient cash.

Mobile Network:

  • Service Providers: Limited mobile network coverage. BSNL provides the most reliable service.


  • Parking Options: Limited parking available. Confirm with accommodations regarding parking facilities.

Market Closures:

  • Market Information: Limited markets with no specific closure days. Basic supplies should be bought in advance.

Places to Avoid:

  • Safety Concerns: Avoid isolated areas at night. Not recommended for solo travel by women without proper precautions.

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Traveler Guidelines: Avoid public drinking or smoking, feeding animals, and creating noise disturbances. Stay clear of riverbeds during high water levels.

Things to remember

  1. Check the weather conditions before planning for a trip to Kibber
  2. Have all verified documents in place for verification at checkpoints
  3. Make sure to pack warm clothes with yourself
  4. Carry all vital medicines as there may not be any medicine shop to supplement your requirements
  5. Lastly respect the local culture and customs of the place without displaying any stereotypical views.

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