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Kasauli, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, 173204
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Kasauli is a cantonment body and a stunning hill station located in the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh, India. Situated at an altitude of approximately 1,800 meters above sea level, this town is popular among tourists for its serene atmosphere, pleasant climate, and breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding valleys, mountains, and vegetation. Founded during the British colonial period, Kasauli still intact its colonial-era buildings, such as the gothic and modern touch creation presented, Christ Church. Following the British and Indian style architecture blend, the town reflects the history of its own and gives its glimpses to the visitors.

Kasauli is a famous destination not only for Indians but, International tourists also, finding a mesmerizing getaway amidst nature's beauty. The town has added to its scenery with dense forests, consisting of oak, pine, and chestnut trees, nature walks, and majestic landscapes, making it an ideal destination for nature lovers and trekkers. The peaceful ambiance of the town is enough to attract travelers looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. In addition to its natural and historical amusements, Kasauli is also famous for its colorful markets, local handicraft productions, and flavourful delicacies. 

Overall, Kasauli is a tranquil and picturesque hill station, perfect for those seeking a peaceful vacation, amidst the prevailing heritage and culture, with the refreshing and earthy surroundings of blooming greenery.

What is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Kasauli is from March to June and September to November.

How to reach the place?

By Road - 

  • Delhi to Kasauli which is 287 km.
  • Chandigarh to Kasauli which is 57 km.
  • Via HRTC buses from Delhi to Solan or Chandigarh to Solan. Once reaching Solan you can hire a taxi to Kasauli which is at a distance of 25 km.

By Air -

The nearest Aiport from Kasauli is Chandigarh Airport, once reaching there, you can opt for any taxi/cab to reach Kasauli from Chandigarh which is at a distance of 65 km approx.

By Train -

Arriving at the nearest railway station from Kasauli, that is the Kalka railway station, get down at Barog Railway station and hire a taxi to Kasauli.

Who should visit Kasauli?

  • Adventure enthusiasts
  • Photographers
  • Nature lovers
  • Trekkers
  • Desiring Luxury stays
  • Couples for Honeymoon 
  • Solo Travelers/ Backpackers
  • People looking for a peaceful weekend or mini getaways.
  • Looking for a road trip

Who should not visit Kasauli?

  • People who can't walk much.
  • Have respiratory sickness.
  • Intolerant to cold temperatures.
  • Looking for fun and partying during late nights.
  • Desiring a raving ambiance for their vacation.

What to do at Kasauli?

  • Trekking activities 
  • Pre-Wedding Shoot 
  • Photography 
  • Observe Nature 
  • Enjoy a vacation away from the city crowd and pollution
  • Go for Nature Walks
  • Bird Watching
  • Enjoy the views of Sunrise and Sunset.
  • Staycations
  • Visit the nearby Timber Trail 

What are the places to visit near Kasauli (5 km)? 

  • Mall Road
  • Gilbert Trail
  • Monkey Point
  • Christ Church
  • Baba Balak Nath Temple
  • Sunset Point
  • Shirdi Sai Baba Mandir
  • Baptist Church Kasauli
  • Timber Trail Kasauli 

What is the climate there?

Summer Season - In summer the climate of Kasauli is pleasant with warm days and cool nights providing a perfect and favorable time through your vacation. The temperature ranges from 14°C to 28°C.

Monsoon Season - During rains Kasauli witnesses fewer rainfalls with the weather being humid, damp, and misty throughout giving a good view of blooming nature and outdoor activities such as nature walks. But sometimes can witness natural calamities if heavy rain occurs. The temperature ranges from 16°C to 23°C.

Winter Season - Winters in Kasauli are cold and chilly with enjoyable weather attracting many tourists, also enjoying the harvest season with folk performances, holy offerings, and bonfires. The temperature ranges from 2°C to 19°C.

What kind of mobile network is available?

All kinds of mobile networks are available.

What should I carry with me while visiting?

Make sure to carry your medicines, and other essentials, woolen clothes if visiting in winter, jackets or lightly warm clothes for any other season, and comfortable shoes for walking. You can also bring in your binoculars and DSLRs to capture panoramic views and cinematic pictures and also to observe the natural surroundings with an in-depth look.

Where to stay?

There are various hotels, resorts, and guesthouses available at Kasauli. It is preferred to stay in the accommodation near Mall Road to have easy and fast access to the tourist spots nearby. If you plan on visiting Kasauli during the holiday season or weekend, it is advisable to book your rooms prior.

What to eat?

There are various restaurants, cafes, and shops available to enjoy different kinds of dishes opting from street food to Tibetan cuisine to Chinese cuisine and more, including delicacies like Momo, Thukpa, etc. The must-try food items of Kasauli are its Bun Gulab Jamun and Bun Samosa which is a treat for almost every tourist.

What to shop and buy at Kasauli?

With various local markets such as the Tibetan Market, Heritage Market, and the busiest and vastly famous Mall Rd, you will have a variety of goods to shop within. Tourists can buy items such as handicrafts, ornaments and jewelry, woolen shawls, clothes, jams, and marmalades, and also souvenirs and gifts for their family and friends.

When is the market closed?

The markets here close from 9:00 PM-10:00 PM.

What are the special events or festivals hosted?

  • Sari Fair
  • Renuka Fair
  • Solan Fair
  • Lohri Festival
  • Basant Panchami Festival 
  • Mandi Shivratri
  • Manimahesh Fair 
  • Rhythm and Blues Festival 

How much cash should I carry?

You can carry 1000 Rs - 2000 Rs per person, which will be sufficient.

What is expensive and cheap in Kasauli?

While everything is available at an affordable price in Kasauli, the accommodation facilities can get a bit expensive if visiting during peak season.

How to hire or rent a cab/taxi?

You can hire or rent a cab or taxi via local agencies/vendors or online services.

How to drive and the condition of the road?

The condition of the roads and even the trek trails in Kasauli is good to drive and walk. Just not rush or drive rashly while going through the hill station.

Where to park the car?

Once you enter Kasauli and reach the Kasauli Mall Rd, you will find the Multilevel public parking spot where you have to park your private vehicle at a varied charge which goes according to per hour/full day parking, as you wish to choose.

What are the problems tourists may face?

  • Cold weather temperatures
  • Network Issues
  • Slippery roads
  • Landslides due to rain
  • Respiratory sickness while trekking/hiking
  • Less availability of ATMs
  • Non-availability in hotels

What are the safety measures to be taken?

  • Carry your medicines and all the essentials.
  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Keep your gadgets such as phones, cameras etc; in a safe place while exploring.
  • Carry warm clothes as the nights can turn cold and chilly.
  • Book your hotels or accommodations before visiting especially during peak season or weekends.
  • You must be ready to walk so be mentally prepared for it.
  • Carry cash with yourself due to less availability of ATMs.
  • The shopkeepers can try to trick you in by selling goods at higher prices, so beware and bargain if possible.

What not to do?

  • Don't litter and pollute the area.
  • Don't walk too fast or run on the roads, especially if you are visiting in the rainy season or trekking through the narrow pathways.
  • Don't make any kind of noise pollution through loud noises and music.
  • Don't smoke or consume alcohol, as it can affect the environment and also your respiration while hiking/trekking.
  • You need to walk a lot, so make sure to not wear any uncomfortable footwear such as high heels.
  • Don't disrespect the local culture and beliefs.
How many days will be enough for sightseeing?

2 days will be enough to go through the entire Kasauli, also if possible keep an extra day, so to manage your itinerary, if gets affected by any unfavorable circumstances.

What is the best way for sightseeing?

To have an amazing sightseeing experience one should go by walking to explore the beauty and natural vistas of Kasauli, especially during the bright hours to witness nature and its glory, while going through the shops and attraction spots that the hill station got to offer.

Where is the Tourist information office? 

Himachal Tourism Office, Solan, Himachal Pradesh 173213

Which are the nearest Hospitals?
  • Cantonment Hospital 
  • Primary Health Centre

Which is the nearest police station?

Kasauli Police Station, Parwanoo-Kasauli Road, Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh 173204

Who to contact if you are in trouble?

You can contact the nearest police station, or your hotel manager or even get help from local people.


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