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Karol ka Tibba, Solan, Himachal Pradesh, 173213
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Pandava Cave, known as one of the oldest and longest caves to be established in the Himalayas, is a tourist attraction located at the Karol ka Tibba or the Karol Mountain, one of the highest peaks in the town of Solan, Himachal Pradesh. This ancient cave holds a mythological belief by the locals, from the times of Mahabharat. It indicates that this cave was built by the Pandavas for their residence during their exile. The cave is dark, damp, and slippery from the inside and is closed to visitors after its first 10 - 20 meters. The other end of this cave is taken out at Pinjore, Haryana.

To reach the Pandava Cave, one needs to commence the Karol ka Tibba trek, preferably from Chambaghat which is 2 km away from Solan. The trek is moderately easy to perform by anyone but can be relatively difficult for old citizens. The trek from Chambaghat to Karol Mountain is 7 km one way, following the initially steep, and later, flat and rocky trails within dense forests of oak trees. The finishing of this trek can take up to five to six hours. On the way after, one will find the Pandava Cave atop the Karol Mountain with a temple and statue of Lord Shiva, situated beside it. 

The best time to visit Pandava Cave can be from February to April and September to November as the weather during this time will be pleasant, cool, and reliable. This trek and the visit to Pandava Caves is one of the popular attractions for tourists visiting Solan enhancing their experience and knowledge about the region. 

Tips to follow:

  • The cave from inside is dark, it's advisable to carry a head torch if you are entering inside the caves.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for the trek.
  • Have your own essentials such as water, medicines, food, etc. with yourself.
  • It's almost a half-day trek, so try returning before the dark hours of the night.

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