Ancient Kali Temple in Chail

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Kali Tibba Road, Kandaghat, Solan District, Chail, Himachal Pradesh, 173217
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Kalika Tibba Temple

The Kalika Tibba Temple is a magnificent kali temple which is known for its breathtaking panoramic views and spiritual ambiance.

It holds significant religious importance for the locals and pilgrims. as it is dedicated to Goddess Kali which  attracts devotees from far and wide, especially during Navratri and other Hindu festivals. The temple's architecture is simple yet elegant, with a sanctum that exudes a sense of divinity and peace.

During festivals, the temple becomes a hub of activity with devotees flocking to offer prayers and seek blessings as a result the ambience of the temple getsfilled with the sound of bells, chants, and hymns, creating a spiritually uplifting atmosphere.


Monday to Saturday (8am-6pm)

Sundays are closed

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