A monkey took my glasses right off my face!

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Jakhu Temple, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 171006
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 I was absolutely thrilled to meet monkeys for the first time after arriving in India, as it is something completely new for me. I watched all their pieces with interest. I saw how they picked parasites from each other's fur, how they prized each other's teeth or how they frolicked on electric wires. I saw several species in Himachal Pradesh, the most common being the rhesus macaque. I knew from the documents that macaques can be quite rude and even dangerous. Although I noticed the warning signs warning about the danger of monkey attacks immediately after arriving in the city of Shimla, I did not feel that the monkey could harm me. I expected that the monkey would most likely want to take my food if I had it in my hand.

 While exploring the city of Shimla, we couldn't miss the Jakhoo Hindu Temple towering over the city. We climbed to the top and went to see the temple. We saw how the monkey stole two packages of goodies from the seller, ran away from the seller and happily loaded himself with sweet treats. Then another monkey almost stole the shoes from the lady who took them off in front of the temple. I thought to myself that I'm glad it didn't happen to me with those shoes. We were already on our way out, I was going down the stairs and it was as if I hit a tree branch with my face and suddenly my vision was blurred. Only after a few seconds did I realize that I didn't have my prescription glasses, I turned around and saw the naughty macaque running away with the glasses in his mouth. I immediately ran after him. The monkey with my glasses jumped onto the wall of the temple, where it settled and examined my glasses with its mouth and hands. I was in a panic because I can't see properly without them and prescription glasses are expensive after all. Fortunately, there were many locals watching this spectacle who knew that you had to lure the monkey with food. I took out an orange from my backpack and gradually offered individual slices of orange to the monkey, this way I managed to lure the monkey to a distance of about 1 meter, but the monkey still held the glasses in his hand and when I tried to get closer, he quickly retreated again. I was saved only by a local man who bought a bag of chips in a nearby shop and when the monkey was back at the temple, a packet of chips went up in the air, the monkey let go of my glasses to catch the chips and the man caught my glasses and handed them to me. I was extremely happy, I didn't even believe that I could get my glasses back. Now I'm going to watch out for the monkeys!

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