The Kota Zone: Jim Corbett's New Gem for Wildlife Enthusiasts

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Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, India - 244715, Ramnagar, Uttarakhand, 244715
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Jim  Corbett National Park is a famous place for people to go for a weekend holiday or to just simply spend some time inside the forest. Many people go there every year and because of the huge tourism base, a new zone has been opened in Jim Corbett National Park. Till now, there were 8 zones in this huge park and every zone offered unique sights. Now, a new zone has been added to the list. The new zone has been named as  Kota Tourist Zone and it’s great news for wildlife lovers and nature enthusiasts. Let’s know in detail about the new Kota Tourist Zone of Jim Corbett National Park. 

Information About Kota Tourist Zone 

1. Why is it named like this? 

- This zone has been named as Kota Tourist Zone because it is situated in the Kota Range of the Forest Division. This new zone has been opened within the Ramnagar Forest Division of Jim Corbett National Park. 

2. Where is the Kota Tourist Zone located in the park? 

- This zone is located right next to the beautiful Sitabani Zone and the gate to enter the Kota Tourist Zone is Bhandarpani Gate. This new zone covers a large area of 26 km and it is made to enhance the wildlife viewing experience. 

3. How much popularity has it gained? 

This new zone was officially inaugurated on March 22. It was a low key affair at that time because of the model code of conduct. But despite being a subdued event, it has gained popularity among tourists in very little time. It has gained so much popularity that more than 6000 tourists have already visited this zone and they enjoyed coming here a lot. This information was given by the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Diganth Nayak. He also said that a lot of work still remained to be done in this zone. 

4. What are the features of this newly opened zone? 

- This zone has good animal sightings which makes it a good area. This zone has a water body and because of that many animals have been spotted in this zone. It offers an enhanced habitat for majestic tigers, elusive leopards, and elephants with its man-made water bodies. 

5. What are the attractions of this Kota Zone? 

This zone has artificially created water bodies that make it different from other zones. One point that makes it attractive is that the animals are extensively using that water body despite being made by humans. The water bodies that is made here are indicating a positive impact on the local wildlife and their natural behaviors within this newly developed area.

6. What are the rules that one needs to follow here? 

This zone is part of Jim Corbett  National Park and it has the same rules and regulations that are being followed in other parts of the park. 


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