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Bénédicte Donet

Are you someone who suffers from regular depression, anxiety, stress and peer pressure? if you are in search of finding out ways to get rid of this problem, then you are with the right person who can treat you and guide you to lead a peaceful and a healthy life.

I am a french psychologist and psychotherapist with years of experience and knowledge in dealing with vdiverse psychological problems faced by people all around the World. At a time when people are burdened with challenges in their day to day life, I am here to uplift you from these uncertainties thorugh various techniques like MDR, IFS, dialogue, and meditation,  so that you are ready to face the difficulties with optimism and motivation


  1. Self confidence
  2. Sexuality
  3. Anxiety & attention deficit disorder
  4. Trauma & post traumatic stress disorder

Teleconsulting session

With teleconsulting being a feasible option to hear out the grievances of my patients, I will be having a special session with you where I will be hearing your day to day problems and share my valuable suggestions so that you can make the inevitable happen like never before.


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