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Tandulwadi fort, Tandulwadi Fort Path, Tandulwadi, Palghar District, Palghar, Maharashtra, 413310
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Tandulwadi trek- An Invigorating trekking expedition in Maharashtra

The Tandulwadi trek which stayed  located near the quaint town of Saphale in Maharashtra, is a secret and an offbeat trekking route that offers a blend of natural beauty, historical intrigue, and challenging terrain. This trek is perfect for adventure enthusiasts and history buffs alike that promises a fulfilling experience amidst the scenic landscapes of the Western Ghats.

As far as the trekking route is concerned, the trail winds through a mix of rocky paths, dense forests, and open plateaus. The initial part of the trek is relatively easy, with a gentle ascent that gradually becomes steeper as you approach the fort. Along the way, trekkers can enjoy the diverse flora and fauna, with numerous bird species and occasional sightings of wild animals.

As you climb higher, the trail offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding hills, valleys, and the distant Arabian Sea. The main highlight of the trek is the ancient Tandulwadi Fort which is situated at an altitude of about 1,900 feet. The fort, though mostly in ruins, has several interesting features, including water cisterns, rock-cut steps, and remnants of old structures. The summit provides a breathtaking view of the Saphale region, the Vaitarna River, and the lush green landscape, making the challenging climb well worth the effort.

Key Highlights

Region Palghar
Grade Easy
Base Village Tandulwadi
Landmark Saphale
Number of Routes 1
Highest Altitude 1,900 Feet (579m)
Trek Duration 2.5-3 hours one way
Surrounding Peaks Kohoj Fort, Takmak Fort, Asheri Fort, Mahalaxmi Pinnacle
Ideal Season June to February (Monsoon months are good weather-wise and Winter months for clear views)

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