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Siswan, Chandigarh, Punjab, 140109
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Siswan Dam, situated at Siswan, 20 km away from Chandigarh is a popular tourist attraction, especially visited during weekends for a mini getaway to relax and have fun with family and friends. Siswan Dam is a natural preserve surrounding itself with dense forest and a view of far-off Himalayan Shivalik ranges.

As you enter the landmark entrance called, Siswan Community Reserve of the Siswan Promenade, you will find various recreational activities to go on for. From children playing to adults organizing a picnic to old citizens enjoying a leisure walk, it has got everyone covered. The recreational activities include sightseeing, picnics, trekking, and boating facilities such as Shikara and Paddle Boats at varied charges. The Siswan natural trail available, allows trekkers to have a trek of 6 km approx, from 8 AM to 4 PM. The visitors get a serene landscape view of the Siswan Dam throughout, and enjoy it while sitting peacefully on the provided benches amidst the green field around. A cafe is also available near the entrance, Black Hole Cafe, where visitors can have good meals and snacks while exploring the area around. 

Key information and tips to follow:

  • The parking facility is not yet built appropriately, but a wider parking space is provided where visitors can park their vehicles free of cost.
  •  You can visit Siswan Dam anytime between 7 AM - 7 PM from Tuesday to Sunday.
  • Avoid visiting during heavy rainfall. 
  • Make sure to not leave any garbage or litter around the attraction, and maintain its clean vicinity. 
  • To avoid crowds, you can visit during early opening hours to have a pleasant experience or before dusk to witness the scenic view of the sunset, whichever is feasible.


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