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Jana Rd, Jana, Manali, Himachal Pradesh, 175104
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Sagar Thakur Dhaba is a local eatery near the beautiful and mesmerizing Jana Waterfall, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. This small vegetarian restaurant is located beside the waterfall, near the starting trekking point, and is famous for its authentic Himachali Cuisine and the owner's hospitality, Sumita Thakur, also known as 'Pahadi Didi'. The cafe was established 15 years ago and is named after her son Sagar. 

The restaurant serves Himachali dishes such as Sidu, Makka Roti, Sarso ka Saag, Red Rice, Lingdi vegetable, Rajma, and more, served with sides of pure Ghee, Pickle, etc. The cost of the dishes is economical and is also available separately and in a combination of Vegetarian and Himachali Thali.

The restaurant is open from 08:45 AM in the morning to 07:00 PM in the evening. The food here is cooked with all the traditional and rural methods, not compromising on its taste, providing the best delicacies. Visited by many locals, tourists, and even a few celebrities like Sunny Deol and Ananya Pandey, the restaurant has gained much popularity. They also provide outside seating arrangements to enjoy the delicious food amidst the beautiful view of nature around.

The restaurant remains crowded during the peak season which is from April to June. If you are visiting Jana Waterfall or nearby, the Sagar Thakur Dhaba should remain a must-visit on your trip.


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