Phullari homestay in Kanatal

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Chamba - Mussoorie Rd, Jaadipaani, Kanatal, Uttarakhand, 249145
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Phullari Homestay, nestled amidst the scenic beauty of Kanatal, Uttarakhand, India, offers an authentic rustic farmstay experience. Surrounded by majestic oak trees and boasting two verdant farms that provide fresh vegetables for guests, this 50-year-old property exudes charm with its mud and stone construction.


How to Reach Phullari Homestay?

Located in the serene Saur Jadipani village, within the Sakalana Tehri Garhwal District of Uttarakhand, the homestay sits at an elevation of 2200 meters. Accessible via a 400-meter downhill trek from the main road, reaching Phullari Homestay is an adventure in itself.

Accommodation Options at Phullari Homestay:

Phullari Homestay offers accommodation for up to 12 guests, with 4 bedrooms featuring 8 beds and 3 shared bathrooms. Guests can choose from spacious rooms with common washrooms accommodating 4 to 5 individuals or smaller rooms suitable for 2 to 3 guests. Additionally, private cottages with personal washrooms provide a more exclusive stay experience.


On-Site Dining Experience:

Guests at Phullari Homestay enjoy complimentary meals, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening snacks, along with refreshing tea or coffee. The cuisine, prepared in the local kitchen, showcases organic ingredients, offering guests a taste of the region's rich culinary heritage. Lunch typically features daal, raita, vegetables, chapati, and roti, while dinner options include paneer or non-vegetarian dishes served with staple foods.


Pricing and Additional Services:

The homestay charges Rs. 2000 per person per night for rooms with common washrooms, while private cottages with personal washrooms are available at Rs. 6000 per night. There are no additional charges for meals, as all dining expenses are included in the homestay rates. Experience the tranquility and warmth of Phullari Homestay, where every stay promises unforgettable memories amidst nature's embrace.

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