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Chhoie Waterfall

A stay is Jibhi is not only about enjoying comforts within the four walls of your hotel, but also to explore its hideen wornders that makes it a heavenly destination for tourists visiting this idyllic Hmalet. If you are willing to  ake your stay in Jaibhi an electrifying one to cherish, then you must visit Chhoie Waterfall

Chhoie Waterfall is a captivating natural wonder in Tirthan Valley that offers an idyllic escape for travelers wishing to seek solace away from the chaotic surroundings. Located near the quaint village of Jibhi in the Tirthan Valley, this waterfall is renowned for its serene environment and picturesque beauty.

The waterfall plunges from a significant height which creates a mesmerizing display of water in motion. The sight of water gushing down the rocky cliffs into a clear pool below is truly enchanting. Surrounded by dense forests and lush greenery, the waterfall exudes an aura of tranquility and natural splendor.

The waterfall can be The trek to Chhoie Waterfall which starts from Nagini Village is challenging yet enjoyable as it adorned with diverse flora, including vibrant wildflowers, moss-covered rocks, and towering pine trees. The rich biodiversity of the region provides habitat to various bird species, making it a delightful spot for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit is before and during monsoon when the waterfall look gorgeous aliong with lush greenary. However one should be very much careful as heavy rains can make the route slippery.

Who should visit

  1. Nature lovers
  2. Young travelers
  3. Solo/group travelers
  4. Photographers
  5. Hikers

Nearest Town

Jibhi (16 km)


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