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Manimahesh Lake Trail, Brahmaur, Himachal Pradesh, 176135
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Mani Mahesh is one of the most popular and offbeat location situated in the Chamba district of Himachal Pradesh. At an alitude of18,547 ft above sea level, Mani Mahesh is frequented by tourists who are in search of adventure, natural beauty and attaining spiritual faiths.

Manimahesh, which translates to "Shiva's Jewel," is considered the abode of Lord Shiva for which thousands of devotees undertake the arduous trek to the sacred Manimahesh Lake that sits near Mahi Mahesh Kailash Peak with an intention to take a ritual bath in the frigid waters, as they believe that it can cleanse their sins and bring them closer to Lord Shiva during the auspicious Manimahesh Yatra. The yatra takes place in August and September, coinciding with the Hindu festival of Janmashtami and Radha Ashtami.

For those with heightened interest in adventure, Mani Mahesh ofters them the opportunity to take part in Mani Mahesh trek which is a 13 km long trek from Hadsar that promises to keep trekkers energized with the breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls and streams

What is the best time to visit ManiMahesh?

The best time to visit Manimahesh is during the yatra period in August and September. Also the weather during these months is relatively mild, and the trail is accessible. However, those seeking a quieter experience can visit during the summer months from May to July, when the snow has melted and the region gets vibrant with flowers with temperatures in the range of 5-10 degrees celsius

How to reach Mani Mahesh?

Delhi > Kangra > Bharmour > Hadsar >(by foot or by horse) Mani Mahesh

What formalities are required?

Registration for the yatra is done at Bharmour and in Hadsar which is free of cost. You need to carry Govt id cards as a requirement for registration.

Who should visit Mani Mahesh?

  1. Trekkers
  2. Solo travelers
  3. People on pilgrimage tours
  4. Photographers
  5. Nature admirers

Who should not visit Mani Mahesh?

  1. People with altitude sickness
  2. People with breathing problems
  3. Children below 18 years
  4. Senior Citizens
  5. People who cannot tolerate cold

What to do at Mani Mahesh?

  1. Trekking
  2. Visiting Kamal Kund Temple
  3. Taking a spiritual dip in Mani Mahesh Lake
  4. Photography
  5. Enjoying the transquility
  6. Meditation.

What kind of mobile network is available?

Airtel and BSNL works best in Mani Mahesh.

What should I carry with me while visiting?

  1. Warm clothes in bulk
  2. Extra pair of clothes
  3. Trekking shoes
  4. Raincoats
  5. Umbrella
  6. Oxygen canister
  7. Medicines
  8. Dry food & water
  9. Verified Documents & cash

Where to stay?

Mahi Mahesh has plenty of sharing tents which can be booked at a price of Rs 150.

What are the problems tourists may face?

  1. Network problems
  2. Extreme cold
  3. Breathing problems
  4. Unpredictable weather patterns
  5. No ATM's/Pharmacy

What are the safety measures to be taken?

  1. Make sure to have all the contacty details of the travel agency with whom you are traveling
  2. Avoid too much physical stress
  3. Carry warm clothes to beat the cold
  4. Follow instructions of the guide to prevent any unavoidable circumstances
  5. Always check the weather conditions and keep yourself updated with regular updates from the administration in order to plan your journey accrodingly

What not to do?

  1. Polluting
  2. Disrespecting the local culture and traditon
  3. Damaging the natural diversity
  4. Drinking and smoking
  5. Ignoring symptoms of alititude sickness

Which are the nearest Hospitals?

The nearest hospital is the Civil hospital located in Bharmour

Which is the nearest police station?

The nearest Police station is Bharmour Police Station.

Who to contact if you are in trouble?

  1. Local tour operator
  2. Local administration
  3. Local People
  4. Your members from the group with whom you are traveling


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