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Village Barshil, Tahsil Chirgaon, Rohru, Himachal Pradesh, 171208
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Jothi Waterfalls

Jothi Waterfall, one of the most visited tourist attractions, is situated in the village of Barshil, 35 km away from the town of Rohru, Himachal Pradesh. This waterfall is a cascade of 90-100 m long waterfalls. Tourists can visit here for sightseeing or a picnic with their friends and family enjoying the scenic beauty of nature by following the rocky trails, with the vistas of mountain peaks, various kinds of trees, and meadows, along with the clear water flowing down the huge rocks, mesmerizing you by the view it creates.

Tourists willing to visit Jothi Waterfall can take their cars or any other vehicle to the top area, near the waterfall and once they reach near the spot, can start a trek of half a km approximately, as the off-road condition settles in and the hike and hill begins, to the waterfall. The road in some areas while driving can get rocky and uneven, so drive carefully and observantly to avoid any mishaps.

The best time to visit Jothi Waterfall is from July to September, with greenery everywhere and cool and misty weather to explore. The view upon witnessing the Jothi waterfall will be immaculate, combined with the chilled breeze, and the water drops splashing while making a pool filled with crystal clear water upon the bed of pebbles and stones. You can sit and observe the waterfall and its soothing essence, and capture the pictures of the scenery it provides.

Tips to follow:

  • Wear comfortable shoes when visiting.
  • Don't litter around the attraction or on the way.
  • Visit during the early and bright hours of the day to enjoy to the fullest.
  • Avoid visiting during rainfall, the roads and trail can get slippery and the water flow rushing high.

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