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Manali-Leh Road, Darcha, Lahul, Himachal Pradesh, 175132
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If you are in search of a place in Himachal Pradesh where you can mingle yourself with the seductive force of nature, then Jispa is waiting for you to adore you with its graceful wonders of Himalayas

Located in the serene Lahaul Valley at an elevation of 3200 m, Jispa is a picturesque village in Himachal Pradesh that serves as a paradiscial gateway for travelers who are seeking tranquility and natural beauty.  This quaint village offers a perfect blend of breathtaking landscapes, cultural richness, and adventure opportunities. Whether you're an avid trekker, a cultural enthusiast, or someone simply looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, Jispa has something for everyone.

From enjoying the starry night in the mountains to camping along the Baga river, a trip to Jispa is like a dream  come true for avid travelers. Owing to its location along with the stunning landscape that characterises the place, one can enjoy peace, serenity and pristine atmosphere all in one which will help you to detox your mind and soul while you are out for a holiday away from the comforts of our four walls of our house.

What is the best time to visit Jispa?

The best time to visit Jispa is during the months from April to September.

How to reach Jispa?

Delhi > Chandigarh > Shimla > Naldehra > Manali > Keylong > Jispa

What permit is required?

No special permit is required for Indians travelling to Jispa, but Inner line permit is required for foriegn nationals

Who should visit Jispa?

  1. Nature lovers
  2. Trekking enthusiasts
  3. People who loves camping
  4. Photographers
  5. Peace seekers
  6. Solo/group travelers

Who should not visit Jispa?

  1. People with high altitude sickness
  2. Intolerant to extreme cold
  3. People with chronic medical problems
  4. Children below 15 years
  5. Senior citizens

What to do at Jispa?

  1. River crossing
  2. Trekking
  3. Camping
  4. Photography
  5. Meditation

What are the places to visit near Jispa?

  1. Baga river
  2. Jispa Museum
  3. Baralacha Pass
  4. Gemur Monastery

What is the climate there?

  1. Summer- In Jispa, Summers are pleasant and cool with temperatures hovering in the range of 15-25 degrees celsius which makes it an ideal time to visit.
  2. Monsoon- During monsoon, Jispa receves rains but comparatively less because of rain shadow effect, but roads can become slippery which makes it a troublesome for drivers to drive upto Jispa
  3. Winter- Winters are extreme in Jispa with temperatures falling 10 degrees below freezing point along with heavy snowfall which makes it non accessible for tourists at times. Howver Jispa is popular for various winter sports enthusiasts which can attract them to visit that time

What kind of mobile network is available?

BSNL is mostly active in Jispa. During adverse weather mobile network becomes patchy

What should I carry with me while visiting?

  1. Warm clothes
  2. Medicines
  3. Cash
  4. Camping equipments (if going for camping)
  5. Camera
  6. Sunglasses
  7. Water

Where to stay?

There are plenty of resorts, tents, and homestays in Jispa which can be booked online as per budget and requirement. However you can even hire/book tents if you are looking for better options

What to eat at Jispa?

  1. Thukpa
  2. Momo
  3. Sidu
  4. Aktori
  5. Chutagi

When are the shops closed?

Shops gets closed by 8-8:30pm

What are the special events or festivals hosted?

  1. Halda festival
  2. Gochi festival
  3. Fagli festival
  4. Lahaul spiti tribal festival

How much cash should I carry?

Carry at least Rs 3000-4000

How to drive and the condition of the road?

The condition of the roads depends on the weather conditions. During monsoon, landslides can lead to road closures and if you are not accustomed to driving along mountainous roads, then you can hire a local cab for safety

What are the problems tourists may face?

  1. Altitude sickness
  2. Bitting cold
  3. No ATM 
  4. Difficulty in getting medicine shops
  5. Problems with mobile network
  6. Frequent weather changes

What are the safety measures to be taken?

  1. Make sure to watch out for symptoms of altitude sickness
  2. Carry all the valluable medicines
  3. Keep enough stocks of food and water
  4. Carry portable torch and battery chargers 
  5. Carry warm clothes as per weather forecasts

What not to do?

  1. Polluting
  2. Drinking alcohol
  3. Smoking
  4. Too much physical movement beyond requirement
  5. Wasting water
How many days will be enough for sightseeing?

You can take maximum of 2-3 days for sightseeing in Jispa

Where is the Tourist information office? 

The nearest is Tourist information office, Himachal Pradesh 175101

Which are the nearest Hospitals?

  1. Delek Hospital
  2. Ture care hospital
  3. Bhanno Hospital
  4. Willington Hospital

Which is the nearest police station?

The nearest Police station from Jispa is Keylong Police Station which is 32 kms away

Who to contact if you are in trouble?

  1. Local travel agent
  2. Hotel manager
  3. Members with whom you are traveling
  4. Local people
  5. Local administration




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