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Moustache Delhi, D-920, Block D, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi, 110025
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1.1 km away from Okhla Railway Station

Food available


Outside food available


Pets allowed


Smoking allowed



Moustache Delhi, a prominent 3-star hotel in the heart of Delhi, has gained widespread acclaim among tourists for its exceptional services. The hotel's seamless check-in/check-out process ensures a stress-free experience for guests, coupled with flexible policies that cater to individual needs. What sets Moustache Delhi apart is its friendly and welcoming management, creating an inviting atmosphere that resonates throughout the property. The staff's genuine hospitality contributes significantly to high levels of customer satisfaction. Strategically located in the vibrant city, the hotel provides not only a comfortable stay but also convenient access to Delhi's key attractions. Moustache Delhi is more than just accommodation; it's a personalized and enjoyable haven for travelers seeking a memorable stay in the dynamic capital city. 


 Nearby Transportation Hubs at Moustache Delhi

 Okhla Railway Station (1.1km)
- Convenient railway access within 1.1km from the hostel.
- Offers swift connectivity for regional travel. 

Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station (1.3km)
  - Close proximity to Sukhdev Vihar Metro Station, just 1.3km away.
  - Easy access to the metro network for efficient city commuting.

 Ashram Metro Station (2.3km)
  - Nearby Ashram Metro Station, situated 2.3km from the hostel.
  - Additional metro station option for varied commuting routes.

Jamia Millia Islamia Metro Station (2.6km)
  - Accessible Jamia Millia Islamia Metro Station, located 2.6km away.
  - Convenient for travelers exploring the area around the station.

 Vinobapuri Metro Station:
  - Strategic location near Vinobapuri Metro Station.
  - Within reasonable distance for easy subway access.

 Moustache Delhi's prime location ensures seamless connectivity to key transportation hubs, facilitating guests with efficient options for both local and regional travel.


16-Bed Mixed Dormitory
Opt for a bed in an 16-bed mixed dormitory room at Rs.744 per night for a budget-friendly yet communal experience.

8-Bed Mixed Dormitory
Opt for a bed in an 8-bed mixed dormitory room at Rs.801 per night for a budget-friendly yet communal experience.

6-Bed Mixed Dormitory
Choose a bed in a 6-bed mixed dormitory room at Rs. 916 per night, offering a balance of affordability and shared accommodation. 

Additional Costs Taxes are additional to the mentioned prices, ensuring transparency in the overall cost.

No Prepayment Needed Enjoy a hassle-free booking experience with no prepayment required, making your stay planning straightforward.


Outside Food Allowed
 - Guests are welcome to bring in outside food, catering to individual preferences. 

Food Delivery Services
 - Convenient food delivery available from popular platforms like Zomato and Swiggy.

  - Access to a diverse range of culinary choices from local restaurants.

North Indian Cuisine
- Delight in the rich flavors of North Indian cuisine offered on-site.

Shared Kitchen Facilities
  - Access to a shared kitchen allows guests to prepare personalized meals.

Grocery Assistance
 - Property staff assists in purchasing groceries as per guest requirements.
 - Guests bear the charges for groceries; staff facilitates a hassle-free experience.

Dishwashing Assistance
  - A dedicated helper is available for dishwashing, ensuring a relaxed dining experience.


Moustache Delhi prioritizes guest satisfaction by providing a flexible dining environment, from enjoying local cuisines to preparing personal meals in a shared kitchen, with additional support for grocery procurement and dishwashing assistance.


- Unmarried couples welcome; admission rights reserved.
- Local IDs not allowed for check-in; accommodation denial for same-city residents.


- Room tariff includes taxes; additional charges for optional services.
- Payment for optional services (room service, mini bar, etc.) due at check-out.


- Pay applicable charges for changes; waiver at hostel's discretion.
- Modifications subject to availability and revised policies.


- Unmarried couples allowed; guests below 18 not permitted.
- Valid passports, Aadhar, and Driving License accepted as ID proofs.
- Outside food allowed; food delivery available (North Indian cuisine).
- No smoking/alcohol within premises; pets not allowed.


- Not wheelchair accessible.
- Caretaker/host greets guests; self-check-in not available.


- No drugs/alcohol on premises; designated smoking areas.
- Guests liable for damages; Moustache not responsible for lost items.
- Right to admission reserved; non-residents/visitors not allowed.
- Local IDs not accepted; valid passport/visa for foreigners, Govt. ID for
Indians required.
- Pets are not permitted within the property premises.
- The policy strictly prohibits the presence of pets on-site.
- Guests are kindly reminded that alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited within the property premises.
- Smoking is not allowed within the premises to maintain a clean and comfortable environment for all guests. 


Humayun's Tomb (3.6 km)

  - Immerse yourself in history just 3.6 km away at Humayun's Tomb, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  - Marvel at the stunning Mughal architecture and lush gardens surrounding this iconic tomb.

Purana Qila (Old Fort) (6 km)

  - Discover the grandeur of Purana Qila, an ancient fort located 6 km from the hostel.
 - Uncover the rich historical narratives and intricate architecture of this significant landmark.

Tughlaqabad Fort (6 km)

  - Venture to Tughlaqabad Fort, situated 6 km away, for a glimpse into medieval military architecture.
 - Explore the massive walls and strategic layout of this historic fortress.

Lodhi Gardens (6 km)

  - Find tranquility amidst nature at Lodhi Gardens, just 6 km from the hostel.
  - Enjoy a leisurely stroll in these well-maintained gardens surrounded by historic tombs and structures.

India Gate (7 km)

  - Witness the grandeur of India Gate, an iconic war memorial located 7 km from Moustache Delhi.
 - Take in the patriotic ambiance and explore the lush surroundings of this prominent landmark.

Moustache Delhi offers convenient proximity to these notable attractions, allowing guests to delve into the rich history and cultural heritage of New Delhi with ease.

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