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Ram Kumar Thakur. VPO BIR, Bir, Himachal Pradesh, 176077
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Feature Description
Location Located in the peaceful Bir Billing area, with stunning mountain views.
Rooms Spacious rooms with big comfy beds and beautiful mountain scenery. Perfect for solo travelers, families, or groups of friends.
Staff Friendly and helpful staff who treat guests like family, making everyone feel welcome and cared for.
Food Delicious home-cooked meals made by talented chefs, or guests can cook their own meals in the kitchen.
Atmosphere Lively communal areas where guests mingle, share stories, and make new friends.
Activities Organized treks to nearby waterfalls and local sightseeing tips to enhance the guest experience.
Amenities Guests can relax in common areas, on the terrace, and use the kitchen facilities for added convenience.
Overall Experience A welcoming retreat offering peace, comfort, and unforgettable moments surrounded by nature's beauty in Bir Billing.


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