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Vill Seri, Junga Rd, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, 173216
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Hidden Waterfall Trek is a trekking expedition to a hidden water body settled amidst the dense forests of the Junga village, situated 28 km away from Shimla. This offbeat destination is a blend of nature's characteristics and the thrill of adventure altogether. Once you begin the trek, you will be witnessing the forests of apple orchards, pine, and oak trees along with various kinds of plants all around, leading to the majestic waterfall cascading through huge rock cliffs, with splashing and flowing water streams and cool breeze and if happens, you can also enjoy the view of a rainbow, all this creating a soothing environment.

The trek is a moderately rough 2 km trek one way and can be difficult for beginners as the trails include narrow and water-flowing pathways, and rocky formations to cross and climb upon within the dense jungle and its surroundings. It's not suitable for children below 12 years of age and performance by age beyond this should be done under parental supervision. This trek can be tedious and tough hence not advisable for old citizens. The trek can take 2-3 hours to finish approximately, both ways. 

The aforesaid trekking and sightseeing activities are supported by The Glide Inn, which is an adventure sports center in Junga and can guide throughout at affordable charges, also having other adventure sports and activities options available. For more information visit https://www.theglideinn.com/.

The best time to visit is from April to June, avoid going during rainfalls as the trail forward can be slippery, risky, and can cause injuries. Tourists willing to have an exhilarating yet peaceful getaway should gain this experience.

Tips to follow:

  • Wear comfortable shoes.
  • Carry an extra pair of clothes in case you get wet or the clothes become dirty.
  • Have snacks and water available for yourself.
  • Carry an emergency first aid kit with you.
  • Don't litter around the area.


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