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Mount batur, Bangli, Bali, 80611
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we provide a guide to climb Mount Batur, to see the sunrise in the morning, Mount Batur is an active mountain in Bali, Mount Batur has a height of 1717 M, Mount Batur is the best place to see the sunrise in Bali, to get to the top it takes 2 hours to climb to the top, in this activity we provide pick-up, breakfast and see the beautiful sunrise together, do this with Ku Wayan, a native Balinese person who lives at the foot of Mount Batur, which I do climb almost every day on Mount Batur, for additional information, 

climbing trip to Mount Batur. 

 1. Pick up at hotel at 1 am.  

2. Arrive at the start of the climbing location at 2.30 am.  

3. Climb to the top for 1 hour to the top.  

4. After arriving at the top, relax and have breakfast at the top for around 1 to 2 hours, then go down for 1 hour to the start of the climb, and at the end go straight back to the hotel.

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