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Dal Lake, Dharamkot Guna Temple Trail, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, 176219
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Dal Lake is a small fresh water Lake located 4 kms from Mcleodganj. This lake is a perfect retreat for travelers who are in search of peace and solace in the heart of mother nature.

Netsled amidst the lush green doadar forests, Dal Lake is popular fotr its scenic beauty that it upholds. The natural surroundings of the lake with melodious chirping sounds of birds echoeing from the forests to the refreshing natural aroma that welcomes you in a eco friendly fashion, your emotions will get uplifted when you are going to spend your time in Dal Lake. The area around the lake is ideal for picnics, allowing visitors to relax and soak in the stunning landscape.

Also the Lake holds significant spiritual importance aming travelers.  The lake is located near to a Shiva temple that attracts pilgrims and devotees throughout the year. The temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, offers a spiritual experience with its serene setting and the gentle ringing of bells blending harmoniously with the sounds of nature.

Whether its a peaceful escape or a cultural experience, Dal Lake provides a perfect escape amidst the tranquil landscapes of Himachal Pradesh that can help in rejuvenating your mind, body, and soul in the lap of the Himalayas.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Dal Lake is during the months of March to June and from September to November  when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

Things to do

  1. Relaxing
  2. Admiring the natural beauty of the lake
  3. Visiting the Shiva Temple
  4. Picniking
  5. Boating
  6. Trekking
  7. Bird watching
  8. Meditation
  9. Photography

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