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Panchpulla, Chamba District, Dalhousie, Himachal Pradesh, 176304
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Hotel Peaceful Dalhousie

To enjoy the peaceful ambience near Dalhousie, then Hotel peaceful Dalhousie is the best spot to embrace for the same

At Hotel Dalhousie, we believe that guests should enjoy the most by delivering the requirements that suits their expectations. Our Rooms are simple and well furnished which provides excellent views of mountains and nearby natural landscapes. 

Our dedicated hospitality team staff is there to make your stay memorable by catering to your every need with warmth and care. From good food, 

So Whether you're exploring the nearby attractions or simply relaxing in our scenic surroundings, Hotel Peaceful provides the perfect retreat for your Dalhousie getaway like never before


Facility Description
Parking Available
Housekeeping Daily
TV Available
Seating area Common lounge
Hot and cold water Available
Laundry Available (additional charges may apply)
Room service Available (limited hours)
LED TV Available 
Room Types Various options including single, double, and dormitory rooms


Room Types

Our hotel has the following set of rooms-

  1. Standard Rooms
  2. Premium Rooms
  3. Exotic Rooms

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