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Sarahan Pheasantry, Ragori, Shimla District, Sarahan, Himachal Pradesh, 172101
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Sarahan Pheasantry

If you are someone who is curious to know and explore various bird species that thrives in Himachal Pradesh, then a visit to Sarahan Pheasantry in Sarahan Town is recommended to dive deep into the world of birds.

The Sarahan Pheasantry is a site dedicated to the conservation and study of pheasants which offers a unique opportunity for travelers to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and rich avian biodiversity of the region. The park is home to a variety of pheasant species, including the State bird of Himachal pradesh i.e the Himalayan Monal, Western Tragopan, and Cheer Pheasant. These species are not only visually striking but also hold significant ecological importance. 

Apart from that the The park is surrounded by verdant forests of oak and deodar trees which creates a green and a refreshing atmosphere to explore the place. There is a temple called Bhimakali Temple which adds cultural significance to the visit, and makes it a well-rounded destination for travelers.

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  1. Birdwatchers
  2. Bird Photographers
  3. Nature lovers
  4. Students
  5. Solo and group travelers
  6. Researchers

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