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Anjaneri fort, Anjaneri, Nashik District, Trimbakeshwar, Maharashtra, 422212
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Anjaneri Trek: Exploring the Birthplace of Lord Hanuman

The Anjaneri Trek offers a an unique trekking in Maharasthra which embarce trekkers and hikers with unique mix of spiritual significance and natural beauty. Being the mythical birthplace of Lord Hanuman, this trek attracts both pilgrims and adventure enthusiasts, offering an enriching experience through its scenic trails and historical landmarks.

The trek begins from Anjaneri with a gradual ascent through lush green landscapes and dense forests. The trail is well-marked and offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Midway through the trek, trekkers will encounter the Anjaneri Lake, a serene spot perfect for a short rest.

After an exciting trek you will reach the Anjaneri Fort, which sits at an altitude of approximately 4,200 feet. The fort, though largely in ruins, offers panoramic views of the Nashik region. The highlight of the trek is the Anjaneri Temple, dedicated to Anjani Mata, the mother of Lord Hanuman. The temple is a significant pilgrimage site and adds a spiritual dimension to the trek.

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Details Description
Grade Easy
Region Trimbakeshwar
Base Village Anjaneri
Landmark Trimbakeshwar
Number of Routes 1
Highest Altitude 4,264 Feet (1,300m)
Trek Duration 3.5 hours ascend, 3 hours descend
Surrounding Peaks Harihar, Brahmagiri
Ideal Season June to February (Monsoon months are good weather-wise and Winter months for clear views)

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